Addendum to the Terms and Conditions
for eShop Setup

This document is the Addendum to the Terms and Conditions and is specifying the eShop Setup service.

Service Name and Provider

The service name is eShop Setup. The service provider is Milan Lipowski.

Service and Terms Definition

eShop Setup is a group of tasks for installing the WooCommerce platform and configuring the necessary features for a fully working online shop or service.

Payment gate is a 3rd party payment solution for accepting major types of payments cards (credit and debit cards) and other transaction platforms.

‘Design modifications’ mentioned in the Service Tasks means work, when the default template will be customised closer to client’s web site branding and design style.

Service Order

You can buy the service over the button BUY NOW on the page and proceed to checkout. You can also order the service by email or phone.

Service scope of work

If you have no website, a domain registration and web hosting service is required. These 3rd party services are ordered by you. Technical support from eShop Setup provider may be offered. After obtaining domain name and webhosting, WordPress content management system will be installed.

If you have a website (or have registered a new domain name and web hosting), the following tasks will occur:

  1. Web site maintenance
    1. Upgrade to the highest compatible PHP version
    2. Upgrade to the latest WordPress version
    3. Image compression for faster loading time
  2. eShop setup
    1. WooCommerce installation
    2. WooCommerce addons
    3. Payment gates plugins installation
  3. Consultation for opening payment gate accounts
    1. Advice on how to open an account with Paypal and Stripe
    2. API keys request/setup
  4. eShop configuration
    1. WooCommerce configuration (product sorting, image sizes, product zoom feature, coupon codes, selling and shipping locations).
    2. Payment gates configuration (API keys setup)
    3. Invoice content customisation
    4. Invoice design customisation
  5. Design modification
    1. Maximum working time for design modifications is limited to 5 hrs.
  6. Adding Content
    1. Illustrative text and illustrative images will be applied. You will replace it.
    2. An illustrative 2 products will be set up for sale. You will replace it with your products.
  7. Payment test
    1. Payment test with virtual product with low value price
  8. Video manual
    1. You will receive over link a video manual how to manage your new eShop.
    2. You will need to watch this video manual and be an independent trader.
  9. SEO – Search Engine Optimisation
    1. eShop will have standard search engine optimisation.
    2. You will get information in the video manual on how to keep eShop search engine optimised.

Delivery time

Usual delivery time for technical setup is 3 days, but it depends on your interactions, eg. registering accounts with PayPal and/or Stripe accounts and providing the necessary information eg what and how many items for sale will be available.

Service price

The full service price is 720 EUR. Discounted price is 440 EUR valid until 31.12.2020.

No extra work is included unless different work was agreed with a price of 30 EUR per hour fee.

Intellectual Property, Copyright & Legal issues

Each website created by Milan Lipowski is signed with the sentence ‘Web design services by MILAN MEDIA’ with an active link to this website opening in new browser window or tab. This signature can be removed by request. It is usual business protocol to keep it.

You take full responsibility to respect Intellectual properties and for copyright infringement in your eShop.

Free interpretation

The purpose of the eShop setup is to provide business help to freelancers and small companies especially hit by the COVID situation. The service may be classified as a ‘cheap’ service, but it results in a fully working and stable online shop with SEO optimisation.

The client has to do your own marketing, and especially for SEO purposes, has to write well-keyworded product headings and descriptions, sharing the eShop and product pages over social networks, forums and other web sites. Marketing is the key.


Milan Lipowski,
in Prague, Czech Republic, on 29th October 2020