SSL certificate valid 2 years

All websites with SSL certificates installed are marked in internet browsers as ‘secure’. It means the connection is secure; encrypted. All data provided through the contact form or any other forms are private and protected. Your website becomes more trustworthy.

MILAN.MEDIA will provide and install an SSL certificate by Comodo CA Ltd. valid for 2 years. Having an SSL certificate is also a small bonus for SEO.

SSL Certificate

Complete system updates

You, as user, can do updates to your system, themes and plugins by yourself, with the risk that some plugins will stop working, or something will get broken.

A complete system update by MILAN.MEDIA is recomended at least once a year. It includes WordPress, updates, theme updates, plugin updates, as well as memory updates, switching to the latest PHP version and security checking.

Complete Updates

Migration to VPS

Have you noticed that whilst your website content is growing with interesting articles, images and videos, your website is getting slower?

Yes, shared hosting will slow you down and it is time to move to a VPS (Virtual Private Server). You will have reserved space, memory and processor which won’t be shared with other websites as it is on a private server. All your content will be relocated in a very short time.

Virtual Private Server

Domain name registration

The Domain name is the address of a website. You can have, net, biz and so on, but nowadays, you have an opportunity to be special with extensions like, something dot gallery, club, shop, live, travel or blog. Prices are very affordable.

Domain Name Registration

Web hosting services

Webhosting is a place, where all data, eg your text, music, photographs, are available. You can get recommendations for web hosting with correct balance between performance and price. No need to pay more than is necessary for the service and value you need.

Hosting Services

Transfer & Backup

If you have expensive webhosting services, Milan.Media will provide transfer from your current web hosting provider to another without losing data. Backup will be done before any changes will happen. Stay safe and up-to-date.

Backup and Transfer