AI Generated Image

Images generated by AI: is this the end of all illustrators, designers, architects, … ?

I asked artificial intelligence (AI) to make a picture for me. I used command /imagine with prompt “Happy smiling dog Irish terrier, wearing spacesuit in dark space surrounded by stars and colorful planets, indicating details, galaxy, octane render, high resolution, photo realistic, positive feeling”. AI did it. Now you see the result. I love it!

It”s important to know that AI is not really AI, it’s clever image generator

Well, some people will lose their job

Is AI our future? Yes, it is a part of our near future. People working as eg illustrators won’t have enough projects to work on if they do the job as they do now.

New Job Role: AI Operator

Illustrators, designers, architects and other creative people must adapt to AI systems generating images. This will result in a new kind of ‘operators’ who will become experts for commands needed for image generators. In other words, well written commands in the command line produce well generated illustrations and other images.

Will photographers lose their job as well?

I do also stock photography for well-known stock agencies. I am focused on product photography. I wish I could be optimistic. It will be easier for a client to generate “a cup of coffee” image, instead of taking the shot with a camera and fiddling with lighting. So yes, the optimal time is not coming. Shutterstock announced on 25th October that “we are partnering with OpenAI“.

Hand-made will remain valuable

First of all, artificial intelligence is artificial. This is what we will keep in our minds. Mona Lisa by Leonardo da Vinci, The Birth of Venus, Sandro Botticelli or Starry Night by Vincent Van Gogh are so special and beautiful. It’s part of history. It’s hand-made.

All AI generated oil paintings, no matter how beautifully, will be… artificial which we might buy one day, for example, in IKEA or Walmart.

I see the future…

Some experts might say they see what is coming with AI, what benefits, and how amazing it is. No doubt technologies are developed every day. Today it’s almost impossible to identify what is the truth and what is fake. For now, I would not trust any predictions, because practice is often different from theory and media need awesome article titles.

Only time will tell us what lies ahead. I hope AI won’t manage nuclear guns one day…

How effective is AI generating images?

Sometimes you will get a satisfactory result immediately. Sometimes you have to run the generator again and again to modify your prompt.

From my experience, AI generator provided by is doing better than DALE-E. Some people says DALE-E is best.

Midjourney is providing 4 versions after the prompt has been entered. You can choose if you are happy and want an upscale of the image, or you want to generate 4 new variations of one preferred image. Then you can generate another and another variation from the previously preferred image.

If you are happy with the result, you can request upscaling the image you like. If you want full resolution size, simply click on Upscale to maximum. More upscaled images has more details.

Gallery and Copyright

The gallery below is ‘my images’. I wrote the commands and prompts. Who is the real copyright owner? This is an unresolved question now. That’s why photography stock agencies don’t accept AI generated images.

The copyright owner can be me, because it’s my written request. The owner can also be Midjourney, it’s their AI. The copyright owner can be anybody else, because AI learned new skills from images available on the internet. There are too many other questions that need to be resolved.