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You will need: access to wp-config.php because there is database host, username and password and access to phpMyAdmin (if it is ‘localhost’, you have to investigate the address)

Actual IP Address

Sometimes, for some reason, you need to know what your IP address is.

IP addresses can be static or dynamic. A static IP address is the same all time.

A dynamic IP address changes by a DHCP server, and for this change there is no fixed time interval and it can happen tomorrow, in one month or in a year.


So what is your actual IP address? It is this one:



Clear cache

I find myself repeatedly telling my clients to clear their cache and browsing history when I’m developing or just updating a website.

Many time people ask me for help with their slow computer. And many times it’s too late for help when you have slow hardware. When you go to shop to buy a new computer, you don’t need to be an expert, just check a few basic things. Then the decision between hundreds of options will be simple for you. And this article is dedicated to average users, not gamers: I won’t be talking about overclocking nor water cooling.

Desktop or laptop

This is simple: do you plan carry it? Will you want faster hardware in it in the future?
Computer (desktop version) can be easily upgraded with almost everything; in a laptop just memory and hard drive disk can be upgraded.

Processor known as CPU

Choose device with Intel processors i5 and higher (i7, i9) and forget about cheaper two cores processors nowadays.

Graphic Card known as GPU

This is important mainly for gamers, because computer games need a strong and powerful GPU. If you are not a gamer, an integrated graphic card as part of CPU (processor) is powerful enough for most of works, including 4K movies.

Memory RAM

The minimum everywhere is nowadays 4 GB. Look for computer with RAM 8 GB – this is the new standard. Ideal is 16 GB.

Hard Drive Disk

Quite often this part makes the computer slow. If you want your computer to be really fast, I mean really quickly opening everything, choose your computer with SSD disk.

If you have a limited budget, buy SSD disk separately. The system can be cloned (identical copy) from standard disk to SSD and SSD disk can be inserted to your new computer. I can tell you, once you will try SSD disk, you will never go back!

There are not many technical details to remember, just:
processor i5+, memory 8GB+, SSD hard drive disk. And you can’t go wrong.

One extra recommendation: always prefer hardware specifications before design. I am sure you don’t want end up with nice but sloooooooow computer.


I am sure everybody wants have a superfast computer. The majority of computer motherboards are supporting RAID.

RAID stands for Redundant Array of Independent Disks. One of the known modes is the RAID 0.

You will need two identical hard drive disks, the same brand, the same model, the same size. Your data will be stripped onto this two HDD. You will see this drives merged into one.

RAID0 means that any file (requested by operating system or you) will be written in 50% on first HDD and 50% on second HDD. Files are stored in blocks, you have to decide how big the blocks will be, so yes – we have to set stripe size.

Classic HDD strip size

If you are using classic hard drive disk, use 32kb stripping size for computer used for general purposes, lots of images, mp3 files, etc.
If you are using computer with big files, for example video editing, set the stripe size to 128kb.

Fast SSD strip size.

The right SSD strip size has to be much smaller on SSD drives because of its technology, even you work with big files. The best speed results are when strip size is 16kb or 8kb.

If we have got to this stage, it is a very unpleasant situation. Sometimes we need more time for everything. And sometimes we need more time for invoice payment. If you didn’t pay an invoice after a reminder, you can see a pop-up window with the following content:

This website might have limited services. For further information please contact the website owner.


Provided the invoice has to be paid within 7 days: if you provide a true confirmation that the invoice has been paid, the pop-up window will be removed and you will get back full access to your website without any disruptions.

Website disconnection or deletion

If the invoice isn’t paid within 7 days: the website will be disconnected (if possible) or deleted. Keep in mind any recovery will be charged at a 90 EUR fee which has to be paid within 7 days.

This is the better situation

Yes, this treatment is fair. In other companies the site is disconnected without additional warnings.

Always read the Terms and Conditions

I assume by ordering any service or project you agreed with these Terms and Conditions. For more details you can read the Terms and Conditions again here.

Not working internet connection

Fixing a not working connection is quite easy and simple if the problem is at home. Let’s be more positive, while we are frustrated, instead of the word ‘problem’ we should be using the word ‘issue’.

So how to fix an issue when the internet connection is not working or it has weird behaviour? I promise to keep the long story short and in ‘human’ language. As always.

Solution One: check cables, restart your computer

This is the simplest one. Turn off the computer. Check to see if all cables are connected. To avoid a ‘cold’ connection, you can unplug and plug in all the cable connectors. Don’t be too soft, don’t be too rough. When you will plug the connector in, you will hear a click. Turn on the computer.

Solution Two: restart your network device

A network device is your modem. It can have a built-in WiFi. It is a small box with a few lit LED diodes. Usually it is under your table covered by dust… Turn off your computer.

Unplug the power cable from the modem. Keep it unplugged for at least 30 sec. Plug the power cable back. Why? The modem will restart, but keep the settings. And why wait? The modem has a few electrolytic capacitors and they are charged with power. We need to erase the temporary memory in the modem (RAM), also the modem has its own small operating system.

Plug in the power cable and wait 1-5 minutes for reconnection. The time is dependent on the device and network typology. When your modem is connected to the network, turn on your computer.
It is standard to restart a modem 1-4 times per month. It is also dependent on the ‘cables’ outside. Some people just don’t restart the modem at all, because an operator (internet provider) can restart it remotely.

Solution Three: Using a command prompt

This is a little bit more sophisticated. But it really often helps. Let’s get ready: clear internet history, browsing cache, close all applications if you have opened some, restart computer.

Open command prompt. In start menu type ‘cmd’. In search result you will see the app Command Prompt with black window icon. Click on it with right button, and then click on ‘Run as administrator’.

Type in the black window the command which will clear the DNS resolver cache (translating web addresses to IP addresses and opposite):

ipconfig /flushdns [and press Enter]

Now we will reset Winsock catalogue. Type two commands:

netsh [and press Enter]
winsock [and press Enter]

You will see both commands like:

netsh winsock>

Now type ‘reset’ and press Enter. You can type ‘exit’ and press enter, 2 times, or just close the window. Restart your computer.

Use the mentioned solutions in the order as they are written! 90% of all issues are successfully resolved. 10% has to be resolved by internet providers.

Perhaps you are wondering what is ‘Winsock’

Winsock is shortened from Windows Sockets API – a specification that defines how Windows network software should access network services, especially over TCP/IP and this is the reason why it is important for us to reset it sometime over CMD.

Using a command line

Sometimes the new domain doesn’t work. Sometimes the domain doesn’t work after DNS records changes. Now I will show you how to make it work.

download entire website

Yes, you can – and you should – download your entire website to your computer or smartphone and you can feel safer when you have something that you paid for.

Also it is great way how to do a backup when something will stop working or when you need to copy your entire website under different domain name or different web hosting.

How to download website

All my clients have installed a plugin which will create a file – an identical copy of your website with all images and installed plugins.

Simply login to your administration. In menu, on the left side is ‘All-in-One WP Migration’.

Page which will appear is ‘Export Site’. Click on button ‘Export to’, select file, wait and that’s all. Your website is ready for download. Simple, isn’t it?

Restoring your website

If you need restore your website, click on ‘All-in-One WP Migration’, then Backups, and you will see a list of all backups. On the end of the line you will see 3 icons: download, restore, and delete. Click on restore and just wait. Your website will be recovered.

Moving entire website to different hosting

The process is again very simple: download your backup. Install WordPress on the new hosting and also install plugin All-in-One WP Migration, activate it.

In the administration menu click on ‘All-in-One WP Migration’, then on ‘Import’. Click on button ‘Import from’, select the backup from your computer, confirm import and wait. Your entire website will be cloned into new web hosting and you are ready to go!

Making snippet

Let’s make a long story short. I will also keep it simple.

The google snippet is very important. If somebody is searching for something, the search results are snippets. Each snippet has a title and description. It means, when I develop a website and am doing a SEO (search engine optimisation), you have to provide for a google snippet:


The maximum title length is 55 characters including spaces.

The title is the most visible part, in bold font. Use important keywords. Think of marketing. Try to get the attention of your audience.


The maximum length title is 160 characters including spaces.

Provided you get the visitor’s attention, in the description will be visible what the website is about, why the visitor should click and visit your website, and what the visitor can expect. And again, use important keywords in the description.

Snippet Preview
Snippet Preview

Title and description for each site

Ideally each page of your website should have its own title and description. These are the basics.