soldering led diode

Sometimes some people don’t like led diode colour on their computers and some people would like to replace the red diode for a blue one. So here is a LED diode polarity scheme when you will do soldering on PCB. This article is mainly for me – I am always forgetting which connection is anode + and cathode as I am not soldering diodes every day.

LED diode scheme anode and cathode
SMD LED diode: scheme anode and cathode
Standard LED diode: scheme anode and cathode
LED diode scheme on PCB

Colours Calibration

I will keep this article very clear, short and simple. And I can tell you, the huge majority doesn’t see the image on the screen the way it was made; doesn’t see the original. Most of you have oversaturated colours on the screen. And the contrast is pimped up so much that you cannot see the real beauty of shades on black and white images. But let’s get real. And there’s no need to have a professional screen.

Happy colour circus, grrrr…

First of all, set the colour saturation lower. All screens are set by default to show ‘wonderful’, too bright colours, because companies like Apple, Dell, Samsung or LG want more sales. Lower and more realistic saturation will be definitely pleasant for your eyes.

Back to black

I created a black and white table image which will help you. You should change the brightness and contras values of your screen when you will be able to see the difference between 100% pure black and 90% black – which is, in fact, a very dark grey and not black, of course.

If you have no medical problems with eyes and you set up the brightness and contrast really properly, you will also be able to recognize just a 1% difference between eg 100% and 99% samples!

So have fun with screen settings and be proud you did something good for the black, grey shades and the white pleasure for your eyes.

Real image examples

All images below have one important mutual characteristic:
The black clothes are not blending with the black background!

Photo from Adobe Stock
Photo from Adobe Stock
Photo from Adobe Stock


All images are from Adobe Stock Photos.

Even though all information is on this website, we know that people are busy and they are not reading websites. They are mainly browsing them and looking quickly for information. So you are (perhaps) my new client. What you will get when you will order a new website?

  • New representative design, easy for navigation
  • Your website will be fast
  • Contact forms, booking systems, payment gates, whatever…
  • CDN for worldwide business
  • Standard SEO optimisation
  • SSL certificate, safe and secure
  • How much it costs
  • Invoicing and payment
  • Ongoing support fees
  • Service delivery
  • Consulting services
  • What else I can get?

New representative design, easy for navigation

We know that the page is selling the product, so visual impact is huge and everybody prefers a nice website. You will get it.
Feel free to write down your favourite colours, fonts, images, website examples for inspiration.

Your website will be fast

Nobody wants to wait for anything. Your website will have speed rating ‘AA’ and using the latest scripts, codes and server’s PHP version.

Contact forms, booking systems, payment gates, shop, whatever…

If your web site needs interaction with visitors over contact forms, booking an apartment or selling products, a solution is always available. Feel free to ask about the best options for your needs.

CDN for worldwide business

If you are doing business and your visitors are from everywhere I can set the CDN service for you and your website can be ‘mirrored’ on all world continents, read more about CDN here. Your website will be fast no matter if you are in Paris, New York or Tokyo.

Standard SEO optimisation

Your new website will have standard SEO optimisation with the correct structure of headings (tags H1, H2, H3). It will be easy to change its content.

SSL certificate, safe and secure

Part of good SEO optimisation is also a SSL certificate valid for 3 years. It will show your website in a professional way, because the SSL certificate is making your website safe and secure. Personal data, like name or address sent over contact form or booking form, are encrypted.

How much does it cost?

The prices for a web site are from 500 EUR (economy), 700 EUR (standard) and 1100+ (motivated). The price is always individual and the reflecting client’s needs, ideas and business. Higher price is always motivating for everybody. I am sure we will find the right balance.

Invoicing and Payment

Invoice is provided in English, German and French language. Supported currencies are USD, AUD, CAD, GBP, EUR, and CHF. Payments can be done by credit/debit card over secured PayPal payment gate or direct bank transfer.

Ongoing support fees

Standard fee is 35 EUR per hour, and yes, I am also providing discounts. It depends on what you need, some updates are for free. It is again individual and you will be informed. You will never get a bad surprise from my invoice, be sure!

Service delivery

The web site, and also other services (video, images, codes, scans, etc) are provided electronically, and the web site is fully functional under client’s domain name. The client will get list of all information including usernames and passwords.

Consulting services

Do you need help with setting up your shared web hosting or virtual private server? Do you need to change web hosting? Do you need to migrate the whole website? Just ask. I am here for you and glad to answer your questions.

What else I can get?

Fixing computers professionally (hardware and software), photography, video post-production. Simply: things around the internet and computers – things important for making, visiting and maintaining web sites.

Are you looking for images which you need for your website, or blog? Special deal for UK. Get 10 images for free.
You will love the huge database. And you will find everything what you need.

Are you looking for fabulous images which you need for your promotional website, or blog? Special deal for Slovakia! Get 10 images for free. You will love the huge database. And you will find everything.

Norton Internet Security Review 2017

I am very happy to introduce my favourite antivirus software Norton Internet Security (version Premium) which I’ve been using for many years and it is for many platforms: your smartphone, tablet, laptop and desktop. iOS, Windows, and Android.

Past and present

I remember how things were 15 years ago and I see how much work the company Symantec has done with the software Norton Antivirus. Many years ago Norton Antivirus was named Symantec Antivirus and they ended up with the descriptive name Norton Internet Security. To be honest, at that time it was really slowing down computers. I resolved it by a more powerful processor and bigger RAM memory.

The past is past. But I have to say that for the last seven years they have changed their antivirus and I haven’t noticed any long system starts, or downloading or opening apps. And it was then that I decided to install Norton Internet Security also to my clients’ devices. No-one has been complaining about it, and I still get positive feedback from clients – because it just works and it doesn’t need extra attention.

Average users versus advanced

After installing NIS you are ready to go. No need to set anything, just activate the software.
Experienced users can have much more fun with the detailed settings.

Here are few screenshots:

Opened antivirus

Opened Norton Internet Security App

Security Report

Norton Internet Security Report

Help Center

Norton Internet Security Help Center

Is there something I don’t like?

A very looong time ago Symantec Antivirus was quite slow, but it always protected my computer. That was 20 years ago. For the last seven years of using this antivirus I’ve found it really fast and effective. They also improved the documentation on how to use it. Support is always available and you can also use live chat. Anyway, the app has a built-in Help Center for all your needs, see the picture here.

So my answer is: if there was something I didn’t like, then I wouldn’t be using it, nor writing this review.

Do you have children?

Norton also has an app, Norton Family Premier, which will help your kids balance their time spent online, makes the Web safer for your kids to explore, and teaches habits that help protect kids from oversharing.

But now Norton Security Premium also includes Norton Family Premier, but I recommend staying with Norton Security Premium. You will get better value and price per device.

But here is the main question – about money:

Antivirus paid or free?

To be honest, nothing is for free. Let’s have look at a “free” antivirus A*a*t. As a minimum you will give them your personal email address. So you do a small “payment” by providing your personal data. Also you promote them in emails – you should be paid for it. This free version automatically adds their signature to all outgoing emails and also you will see lots of annoying pop-ups which are quite useless. And you have to configure it to change its behaviour. Some features, like one of the most important – a firewall, is available only in the paid version. And they are charging for some extra tools (File Cleaner or Password Storage), which in Norton are already included.

Standard features of Norton are:

  • No extra settings needed, no ads, no annoying pop-ups
  • Complete protection against viruses, trojans and spyware
  • Spam protection for email clients eg Outlook
  • It will protect your personal sensitive data
  • Improved security using online banking and other logins
  • With a powerful firewall it will protect your computer against hackers trying to connect to your computer

Extra tools included

  • Optimized disk speed and files
  • Temporary file cleaner
  • Startup manager, so you have control over what can start and run in the system background
  • System backup and restore

The fact is most free and low-end security solutions help make sure viruses don’t sneak onto your PC. Unfortunately, viruses are just one out of many dangers online. You also have to worry about identity thieves, social media scams, dangerous online transactions, and email phishing schemes.

I say yes to a subscription for 10 devices

With a subscription, Norton Internet Security for 10 devices, the price is £ 39.99 for a whole year of secure browsing and installing apps (approx £ 3.33 per month). This will cover 10 devices with Norton Security Premium. So one licence for one device is only £ 0.33 per month. The best things are: it works, you are ready to go, there is no need to configure anything, and you have extra tools included.

Also, note they offer a 60-day money-back guarantee.

You will protect your smartphone, tablet and computer; these are classified as three devices. Other licences you can use for ma, pa, bro, sis, gran, poppy, boy/girlfriend or anybody who you care about protecting their internet security and privacy.

Decision is up to you

Now it’s up to you. Will you stay with you current antivirus, or will you subscribe for easy-going and comfortable solutions by top company Norton?

Photography by Adobe Stock Photo #60609231. Get 10 free images here.var uri = ‘’ + new String (Math.random()).substring (2, 11);document.write(‘‘);

Adobe Stock Review 2017

Everybody who has their own website needs pictures; illustration photos. And I can tell you, it’s not always easy to get professional and natural-looking photo shots. The best way to get legal and properly-licensed images for use, is to buy them from photo stock agencies.

Anyway, now they are offering 10 images for free.

Real experiences

As a web designer I need photos very often. I’ve shopped in many agencies and I am happy to share my experience with you. First of all, I’ve found the best photo stock agency ever. Adobe Stock.

Maybe you have heard about Now it’s become Adobe Stock. Yep, Adobe bought them out. They have millions of photos with any kind of theme. If you are writing about fashion, cooking, finance and insurance, health, jewelry, you will find the right illustrative photo which will fit your needs.

Also for low budget

The great thing is the price. Just £19.99 for 10 images in full size. It is just £1.99 per hight quality image. And first month it is for free. With only a small budget you can update your website with new images, making it looking more up-to-date.

I was also using other stock agencies, bud sadly, some of them pushed their prices too high. I’ve loved shopping also on iStockphoto. put up the price from £1 to £5-9, they are good for occasional shopping, but the photo collection is not so impressive for my purposes. offers lots of cheap, average quality images, but their search results are confusing for me.

Why so optimistic?

So why am I so optimistic about Adobe Stock photos? As I mentioned, it is the quality of their photos, the price, and the fact that the downloaded photo is full size. I spent too much time looking for the best balance between photo collection size, quality and price. Often I was frustrated. But now it’s over.

You can try for free

You can create a free account and get 10 high-quality full-size images for free. So you will have a chance to try them and experience them for yourself. New photos will give your blog or website presentation a new updated look and a better visual feeling.

Tips for searching

If you want objects cut out, eg meal on white background, or shoes on white, use the word ‘isolated’ or ‘cut out’. Use a filter. You can exclude or include people. Choose your preferred shape, so you will be able to find only square images. Very useful is the price filter.

So have a fun and enjoy making your web up-to-date and better looking with new images.

Visit their website by clicking here:

ip address

Are you wondering what is your actual IP address?
It is exactly this one:

Get Started Now With Shutterstock

What is CDN

I will keep the sophisticated system description really short. CDN stands for Content Delivery Network. CDN is ‘mirroring’ the static content of your website around the world. It really speeds up the website loading time.

Real CDN example

Your website is physically located eg in USA. You have a visitor from London, UK. Why should everything be loaded from USA? When you are using CDN, the static content like images, css and js files are loaded from London to London, so the content is mirrored, and only the dynamic text is loaded from the USA. This is exactly how it works and why your website will be faster.

Do I need CDN?

If you are doing business locally, no. If you are doing business worldwide, like me, or you have a travel agency, famous restaurant or hotel, have a blog site, magazine or international company then definitely yes.

Good for SEO and for people

The speed loading is important for SEO and also for your audience. The last thing you want is when somebody says ‘It is so slooooow’. Also a slow website is really annoying. Nobody wants to wait. And you don’t want to lose your visitor, or potential client.

What CDN provider company is good?

I have tried many providers. Lots of them are really expensive. And instead of 30 dollars I don’t want pay more than 3 dollars. Currently the best choice is Amazon AWS Cloud Front (link). The first 5 GB of transfer is free, then it is cheap. The negative thing is their administration console, it looks very complicated. If you want something simple, you can try (link) and you will also see their pricing there.

CDN for my clients

I can set up a CDN service for my clients for a small fee.

Set up your mailbox

If you to need set up a new mailbox, and you are one my clients using my VPS (Virtual Private Server), then this simple guideline is for you.

What is supported

Your mailbox is supporting all standard features. You can use POP3, IMAP, SMTP, encrypted connection, or unencrypted.

Protocols and ports

When you will be adding your mailbox to your email client (application) eg Outlook or mobile device, you will need to know the following settings; and don’t forget to choose in ‘Advanced settings’ that SMTP (outgoing server) requires login the same as POP3/IMAP.

Encrypted connection


Unencrypted connection


If you will set the encrypted connection, please confirm “Accept all certificates”.

Know issues

None. The mailbox is perfectly working (of course). Some clients had to just ‘play’ with setting it up eg in mobile phone. Each system platform (iOS, Windows, Linux) has almost the same requests, but they are using just slightly different words.

Webmail Access

You can access your mailbox also over webmail. Many languages are supported.

Follow this link:

What is ‘svethostingu’?

Perhaps you are wondering what ‘svethostingu’ means in Czech. It means ‘hosting world’. Actually it is one of the best companies in Czech Republic offering great balance power/price for shared hosting, virtual private server, and dedicated server.

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