Photo stock web design

Important part of your website is the visual aspect. Text needs to be presented in two ways:

  1. As clear typography
  2. To provide additional visual feeling

All photographs are manually checked by inspectors and approved individually after they meet each stock agency’s high quality criteria. Every image is sharp with good colours.

I prefer three photo stock agencies with millions of photos in their databases. I can recommend these three agencies to you:

Photodune by Envato Pty Ltd., Melbourne, Australia owned by Envato Ltd. Australia Their prices for extra small (XS) images start from one dollar. XS size is big enough for 70% of design needs. Bigger images, small or medium cost 2 and 3 dollars. Yes, their database has millions of images, but if you are looking for more specific images or you will want a bigger and better collection of a theme image, then is better by Fotolia LLC, New York, USA

They are a little bit more expensive, but their prices are still low. They have a much bigger database of images which is also in some ways more creative. Also you will find there very interesting video footages which can be used instead of static images, so your website will look more dynamic and live. by Shutterstock Inc., New York, USA

Shutterstock has an amazing database! Tons of creative, beautiful and fabulous photographs. It is the top agency in the World also with the best stock photographers in the world. Prices are higher, approx. 9 EUR for one image of any size. Their lowest pricing package starts from 39 EUR for 5 downloads. If you are company or person who is not saving every euro (or dollar), there’s a great package for 199 EUR for one month and you can download 750 images, it’s 26 cents per image. You can use them all easily and keep your website fresh with changing images.

One thing about stock agencies and buying images is that you have everything legally. Nobody can claim you are stealing images from the Internet. You will have a licence to use them.

web site network

Finding the right pay as you go CDN service (Content Delivery Network) with an afforable price, I would say an amazing price, is quite hard job. Lots of CDN providers try to offer a service, which has good quality, but the price is not balanced against standard traffic of WordPress sites. Even a price of 30 bucks per month is just too high.

Some providers brand their service as Pay as you go but in fact, there is a monthly fee again.

I thought I would end up with CDN77. I found out later that their pricing page is not at all honest. Some relevant information is missing, for example a 99 USD credit which you have to pay.

Anyway, this article is not a review of CDN providers; this is about a solution which has a simple name:

It is a Swiss-registered company headquartered in Winterthur. They have all you need. Enough data centres around the world. Features also for experienced users.

How much does it cost? One-time payment for credit is 25 USD. If your website doesn’t have very heavy traffic it is enough to keep you going for a long time.

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