Coronavirus COVID-19 - Official virus visualization

Coronavirus COVID-19: Protection with face mask or respirator?

First of all, Coronavirus COVID-19 is getting more serious every day. I don’t like any kind of panic, but obviously it is not just a flu. Prevention should come first. Let’s have some information on what face mask or respirators are good.

COVID-19 is an official name from words COronaVIrusDisease-2019.

Basic mask is hopeless!

The basic mask, as you know it from hospitals or your dentist is hopeless for protection. I’m serious. You breathe the air without filtration. The only helpful thing is respirator.

Use respirator!

A respirator is a mask designed to protect you from inhaling hazardous air, including dust, viruses, bacteria, vapours, gases and so on.
European standard EN 149 defines the following classes of “filtering half masks”, FFP1, FFP2 and FFP3.

  • FFP1 filters at least 80% of airborne particles and inward leakage is lass than 22%
  • FFP2 filters at least 94% of airborne particles and inward leakage is lass than 8%
  • FFP3 filters at least 99% of airborne particles and inward leakage is lass than 2%

If you want to be protected, look for a respirator in class FFP3, I wouldn’t go below FFP2. I recommend reading the instructions about the respirator, so you will find out if it is for one-time use, or for repeated use.

Ordinary medical mask

Ordinary medical mask

Respirator FFP3

Respirator FFP3

Prevention: Act now rather than later

Sadly, business is more important in this world, this is why hopeless masks and useful respirators are getting overpriced and are often sold out. Get some now to have them ready for use, if needed.

Are you living in a place, where coronavirus COVID-19 is around? Avoid places, where there are more people, eg shopping centres, supermarkets, public transport, waiting rooms. Just keep away from others.

Clean your hands frequently. When you yawn, cough or sneeze, cover your mouth. Some people don’t do it and it is really disgusting anyway.

Buy food supplies for 3-4 weeks. Check if you have basic drugs against fever, strong cough, and painkillers with anti-inflammatory effect, vitamin C and vitamins from group B. Check the drugs for expiry dates.

If you are having symptoms, don’t wait. Get medical care.