Crazy Domains Web Hosting Review: Awful experience

Crazy Domains Web Hosting Review

I tried the Australian Crazy Domains web hosting repeatedly and I had an experience I really don’t want to have again. Sadly, I will have it every time when I get a client who has a website with them.

When you find a problem with their web hosting, their first answer is: “No, it’s not a problem with our web hosting services”.

Crazy Domains: SEO tool is not supported

SE Ranking – SEO software is a super useful tool, when you want improve your website’s search appearance. You will see what your position is in eg Google, what your pages’ titles are and descriptions, if you forgot to add them, or what should be technically improved on your website etc. It’s one of the ‘must have’ tools. If you mean your online business seriously, you need audits and reports.

My client was not able to run SEO audits. The bot (virtual robot) was blocked. Error status was 403, access denied. Very unusual.

Quite crazy support

So, I got in touch with Crazy Domains support and I explained that SEO software SE Ranking is blocked with error 403, access denied.

I wrote to support: The issue is not in the SE ranking. I did several tests, long story short:

  1. I cloned the website and placed it on a different web hosting. SE ranking successfully scanned the website every time when I requested a scan.
  2. I tried to make a clean fresh WordPress installation and I requested in SE ranking error 403
  3. None of the used plugins are causing the issue.

Help from Crazy Domains

Meg Bacolod replied it’s a plugin issue, no problem with server.

No, the support is not reading clients’ emails carefully or Meg is having difficulties understanding written text. I clearly wrote the error persists with “clean fresh WordPress installation” Is something not clear about the word ‘clean’? Anyway, I started using red underline font and it helped.

While Meg started email “Hello Milan” (thank you for that), Kenny from Systems Support Team started with Hello Info. Whatever… unless the person would be helpful. Making a long story short, Dhonel Borneo replied “the ranking bot was blocked in the web server config”. Instead of ‘was’ he should write ‘is’.

Crazy statement

Later Dhonel wrote “we regret to inform you that the higher engineers would not allow the requested SE ranking bot because it is a 3rd party service and this will harm other users on the server”. I’m asking: will they block Google bot too?  Will Google bot “harm other users on the server”? Well, obviously his statement is… how to say it peacefully? ********.

So, I let them know that the SE ranking is working well for years with a different website hosted with them. What they did? They blocked the SEO software SE Ranking.

Their emails end with “please do not hesitate to contact us again, whenever necessary, as you are our valued customer.” But the main question is: Are they our valued hosting provider? No.

As I mentioned, my client is happy with SiteGround hosting, using SEO software SE ranking and everything is fine.

Crazy end

So, I thought no drama will happen. I sent them a message to tell them that we are leaving; service can be terminated by end of the month (so I would have 2 weeks for moving data, eg emails). Andrew Canque replied “I have reviewed the case and it saddens me to hear that you are cancelling your Linux Hosting – Premium”. Oh dear, I know it’s breaking your heart.

Anyway, the web hosting service was not deleted by end of the month, I found all data deleted on the 15th October!

Andrew Canque from support: “We assure you of our best services at all times.

I had to make 2 phone calls, so they restored the data and they gave me 24 hrs for taking the data.

Now, the question is: Is the hosting really so bad and disappointing because of some issue? It’s an issue of some guy and some SEO software. The answer is:

The speed of the website is important for SEO, user experience and Google search appearance. If you need your website fast worldwide, get hosting from SiteGround.

Support is important, because when you need help, you are expecting to get real help. I had to repeat facts, underline them and put them in red font and I still had a feeling they are not able to read. It’s wasting time.

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So, where do you want your website hosted?

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