Dead bios lenovo thinkpad

Dead BIOS: Lenovo ThinkPad. Don’t give up!

Do you have dead bios after flashing with a new one? I have a solution which works perfectly.

So I will quickly say how I’ve got dead bios. I just decided to flash new bios, because of some touchpad issues and system stability. So I downloaded the latest bios from the Lenovo web site. I ran their official exe file and all looked fine until restart. The system became dead.

So I unplugged bios battery for 30 seconds with the main battery taken out. I put everything back and the bios were still dead. So I was pressing the power button 10-12 times, each second, disregarding any fan noise or beeping. And it came back to life. I just set up the time and date in bios and my client is ready to go.

A one-off topic note: I don’t like Lenovo Company and their products. I worked for them and many Lenovo products passed through my hands; so nobody will change my mind at all. They key word is THINK. Yes I do.