Download your entire WordPress website as backup

Download your entire WordPress website

Yes, you can – and you should – download your entire website to your computer or smartphone and you can feel safer when you have something that you paid for.

Also it is great way how to do a backup when something will stop working or when you need to copy your entire website under different domain name or different web hosting.

How to download website

All my clients have installed a plugin which will create a file – an identical copy of your website with all images and installed plugins.

Simply login to your administration. In menu, on the left side is ‘All-in-One WP Migration’.

Page which will appear is ‘Export Site’. Click on button ‘Export to’, select file, wait and that’s all. Your website is ready for download. Simple, isn’t it?

Restoring your website

If you need restore your website, click on ‘All-in-One WP Migration’, then Backups, and you will see a list of all backups. On the end of the line you will see 3 icons: download, restore, and delete. Click on restore and just wait. Your website will be recovered.

Moving entire website to different hosting

The process is again very simple: download your backup. Install WordPress on the new hosting and also install plugin All-in-One WP Migration, activate it.

In the administration menu click on ‘All-in-One WP Migration’, then on ‘Import’. Click on button ‘Import from’, select the backup from your computer, confirm import and wait. Your entire website will be cloned into new web hosting and you are ready to go!