eShop for you, how to proceed, manage it and earn money

eShop for you, how to proceed, manage it and earn money

You want to shop and do sales online. How it will happen? How the development should proceed, how you will manage it and earn money? Here are the answers.

The eShop beginning …

If you don’t have a website, you will need one. It should be representative, aesthetic and user friendly. Your eShop will be part of your website.

If you have a website, an eshop will be set up. Also you can ask for a re-design to get a new modern and updated visual look – the design – the look sells.

What is for free doesn’t mean really for free

Yes, we know that WordPress is famous and used also by companies such as Microsoft News, The Walt Disney Company, Facebook Newsroom, Bloomberg Professional, SONY Music, The White House, and many others.

WooCommerce is an eshop as part of WordPress. It is the selling platform of one of the most popular.

Both systems are stable, secure and regularly updated. Both systems are for free. What is not for free is the setup and additional configuration, custom design, integrating payment methods (eg PayPal and Stripe) and support with consultations.

OK, let’s proceed!

What and how?

Let me know what you want to sell and how. What feeling should your eshop have, what fonts and colours should be used, what are your expectations.

You can sell almost anything! Real products, consultations, virtual products, digital goods, downloadable files or just some access. Whatever.

Don’t forget to write down some business rules:

  • Clearly specify what you will sell
  • How many physical or virtual products will be for sale
  • How you will provide the subject of sale
  • If the products have to be sent, check how much it costs and feel free to add a bit for your time with packing
  • What support you will provide
  • Write it down into document ‘Terms and Conditions’, keep it as short and simple as possible
  • How you will do promotion, marketing? Will you need help with it?

Provide webhosting access

Please provide  access (link, username and password) to your web hosting management. It is known usually as cPanel, Plesk, Customer Area, or Control Panel.

It is necessary to check actual databases, PHP version, memory and FTP access for uploading files.

Online as soon as possible

Your new website with eShop, or just eShop, will be installed. It is the right time for you to get an account with PayPal and which has a very comfortable payment gate for using payment cards.

You should always have a minimum of two payment options.

Once the payment gates are configured in your eShop a test will take place. You will receive some small amount of money for your first test product sale to be sure everything works as it should.

Time to pay deposit invoice

Now you have a fully working eshop. You will get access and it is time for me to send a deposit invoice into your mailbox. The deposit is usually  around 40%.

Working on design

As has been mentioned already, the look sells. The desired design will be made for you, ‘call to action’ elements will appear, contact forms and a sign up form for your newsletter will added, also text content with images is published at this stage.

You don’t have images and/or written text content?

No problem, at all. Temporary images and illustrative text will be used. So you will see where images will be placed, what it will look like and how much content should be written.

Time to sell!

When your content is added, the development work is over. A final bill will appear together with a video manual. You will see how easily you can for example:

  • make it nice and share your product or service
  • how it should be SEO friendly
  • quickly add or remove a product and its price
  • manage shipping services and shipping prices
  • how to a make a coupon code and how to set up discount rules

So yes, this is your real time to do real sales and earn money!

SEO and Marketing

Marketing involves promotion in the online world and in the online world SEO is super important (SEO stands for Search Engine optimisation.) Of course, your new eShop will have SEO capabilities. Please check out my article How to get a high position in Google, Yahoo and DuckDuckGo and others to see easily available options.

Are you ready for your new eShop?

Let me know! We can make it together. Communication is the key. We will be in touch, your requests will be heard and useful recommendations provided to you.