Covid? You need eshop.
Go online!

Get eShop! We know yesterday was late. On the other hand, it’s never too late. Buy an eShop Setup and sell anything you want. I mean anything!

What can I sell?

As said, anything:

  • Physical products: anything you can touch
  • Virtual products: services like lessons, advice, consulting services, …
  • Digital goods: downloadable files like eBooks or music

Will my eShop be flexible?

Sure. Many product parameters can be set up including variables, sales, coupons, discounts and so on. Shipping zones can be set up, as many as you want.

What kind of eShop it is?

It is the most popular platform. WooCommerce running on WordPress.

It has a big community of users across the world, great support, available addons extending features and possibilities to modify it. It is fully compatible with all standard web hostings.

Are there any monthly fees?

Definitely not. Once your new eShop is set up, it is yours. No licence fees, no rental fees.