New Year Party

Yes I do. But only positive ones. New Year 2017 is perfect to change my business name from Lipowski.PRO to MILAN.MEDIA

I asked a few people for feedback about it. They found it positive. Also DR made me feel comfortable about it. He is a friend and client who is very experienced with business and marketing.

The simple reason

I’ve found it a little bit annoying to spell my Polish name Lipowski. I like my surname very much and I had possibility to choose it and ask government for change. But many people are writing it in my country how they hear it – with a v. For English speakers it is not an English name so I decided to make it very simple and easy.

You know, just

And this is also my slogan. My clients wants things easy and clear. They are expecting something new and unusual. Unusual is the end of web address: dot media. It’s very 21st century. The domain world is constantly on the move, as I have been writing in the article about new domain extensions here. Well, something ends, something starts. I love changes.

Few plans

Definitely I will speed up my service, so long as my clients provide me with their content on time. Also I have to find an affordable, super-fast and long-time CDN provider (it could be Amazon AWS, hmm).

I should update my Portfolio website and write blog articles more often. I should do exercises which I’ve been talking about whole year. Well, let’s keep it short and simple, exercises can wait…
I wish you 2017 as a whole year full of positive changes! Take care!