Please, provide answers

  • Do you already have a domain name and web hosting?
    (Domain name is web address. Web hosting is a rented place for files.)
  • What will be the theme of your web site?
    (eg financial consulting, art, cooking, services, etc.)
  • What are your favourite colours?
  • Which websites do you like?
    (Feel free to provide examples.)
  • Have you already prepared the text for your website?
  • Do you have other content like photographs and/or videos?
  • How often do you plan to update your website?
  • What are you expecting, what are your ideas?

Working for you

After basic information about your project you will get an individual price quote with recommendations. If you are satisfied with the price, your job will start.

After a few days you will get a new design preview. This preview will show you the basics.

If you decline new design, we finish at that point. If you like the new design, the work will continue by adding more content. It is also time to pay the deposit.

Also feel free to provide your feedback which is very valuable to keep you project individually customised. You will have control and access to the work throughout the process.


The latest details will be  ‘polished’.  and this is the most exciting moment for each client. Time to go online.

Also you can have additional services activated.

An SSL certificate will make your web site more secure and trustworthy. All information between your visitors will be encrypted. An SSL certificate is a ‘must have’ for eshops.

CDN service will speed up your website around the world. CDN stands for Content Delivery Network and it means mirroring content in many places around the world, so the content will be closer to your visitors. This is the way to make delivery faster.

Domain name

Your Domain name is your web site address. Example:

You can decide on any name which has not been registered already. Also you can choose from many domain extensions which you would like. So if you have for example club with name Star, but is already registered, you can have star dot club, instead of ‘dot com’. If you are dentist, you can have domain

Your Domain name should include your business name, personal name, or an important keyword describing your activity, or what you want to promote.

Web hosting

Web hosting is a place, where all files necessary for a functional web site are stored. These files are scripts, pictures, and/or videos.

Out there is shared hosting and VPS hosting. Shared hosting is basic hosting for presentation websites. If your website is bigger and you need it delivered faster, a VPS (Virtual Private Server) has a processor and memory reserved just for you; no shared resources.

There are also other options, the top one is a dedicated server, but it is for really big websites. You will get the best advice for your project.

Yes, you need both

For a functional website you need both: domain name and web hosting.

You can have the domain with one company and web hosting with another company. Or both things with the same company. It depends on the project. You will get the best advice for your project.