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JLCPCB review: When you like soldering

OK, this article in my blog is not about web design, but it is something that I am happy with. It is a little review about PCB boards made by JLCPCB, JiaLiChuang (HongKong) Co., Limited

I like to solder some electronic parts together, making a better version of something that already exists. The PCB (Printed Circuit Board) is the most important thing for a start. The board should be high quality, designed correctly and should be beautiful!

Sometimes you just want things in a different colour instead of standard green, eg blue, matt black or white? You can get it.

I did some research and I like the JLCPCB prices. I am an ordinary guy who needs to manufacture just a few PCB pieces. I read a review about them in the past and some reviewers were giving to this manufacture 4 starts. Looks good, but I would give them 5 starts!

I was impressed when I got my first boards! Really good quality, nice printing, precisely drilled holes, nice finish.

I ordered also bigger more “complicated” boards with a different shape. How was the result? Perfect. Exactly what I want. Anyway, their Support got back to me, whether the board is what I want, because my board had a few unusual ‘things’ in the design. So I confirmed the preview files which they provided.

Their Support is always fast, and communication is excellent.

My next project is a 4 layered PCB for hi-fi audio preamplifier with a perfect signal path shielding.

If I should say a few last words about them: I highly recommend them. Very impressive!