About Milan Lipowski

Milan started work in the field in 2000 for statistical data agency AISA as Market Research officer. This research gave him an insight into people, their requests, behaviour, opinions and thoughts in commercial settings.

He also did monitoring of government offices for a non-profit foundation about the application of the law on public access to information.

After that he provided customer support to clients of the telecommunication company UPC Liberty Global, a division of Internet Chello, and later became the Company’s training manager covering both technical and communication skills.


Milan LipowskiA few years later he looked after the key international clients of Lenovo before setting up his own business. His communication background includes as an announcer and news interviewer for Slovak Radio. He relocated from Bratislava to Prague in 2006.

Milan’s focus is on web design and coding web sites, stock photography, with servicing computers and notebooks for individuals, small and middle-size companies. More detailed information is available on LinkedIn. His client base is international with English as the communication language.

Generally he prefers simple and minimalistic designs but is also able to provide different styles as may suit his clients. His motto for work is: easy, simple, comfortable, functional.