Generic domain names

The internet domain world has changed. It is extremely difficult to find some nice domain name for your website if it should end with .com, .net, .biz or .org. It’s time to leave this limited cave. This trend already started some 16 years ago, but over the last two or three years people have started noticing that something other than just the four top level domains exists. Everybody has an opportunity to be special with extensions like: something dot gallery, club, shop, live, travel or blog. Prices are very affordable.

What will be your astonishing web address for 2017 and beyond?

The registration process is the same as an order for a common .com domain. The average fees are from 0.88 to 30 USD. Some very specific domain names are very expensive, for example name dot car, lotto, luxury. Domain registrars are making amazingly cheap promos, sometimes you can even get a domain for free, but it is always about being aware of the renewal fees.


Should I have domain and hosting with the same company?

From my experience I recommend splitting these services. Keep the domain name with a company which is stable and their primary business is hosting domain names. Hosting companies are good with hosting;that’s their specialty.

I used to be under one roof, but I didn’t find it comfortable, especially when I wanted to leave the hosting company because of slow services or weak customer support. As I mentioned, no strings are better.

What company for registration?

I very much like, but they started to charge me Tax, weird. has amazing promos and good domain management. The third company I favour is

Are there any additional domain services?

Yes. It is called Premium DNS. It is good to have it, but definitely not a must have item in your basket. What I recommend is SSL certificate which is linked to web hosting services. More information about SSL is in this article.