Norton Internet Security Review 2017

I am very happy to introduce my favourite antivirus software Norton Internet Security (version Premium) which I’ve been using for many years and it is for many platforms: your smartphone, tablet, laptop and desktop. iOS, Windows, and Android.

Past and present

I remember how things were 15 years ago and I see how much work the company Symantec has done with the software Norton Antivirus. Many years ago Norton Antivirus was named Symantec Antivirus and they ended up with the descriptive name Norton Internet Security. To be honest, at that time it was really slowing down computers. I resolved it by a more powerful processor and bigger RAM memory.

The past is past. But I have to say that for the last seven years they have changed their antivirus and I haven’t noticed any long system starts, or downloading or opening apps. And it was then that I decided to install Norton Internet Security also to my clients’ devices. No-one has been complaining about it, and I still get positive feedback from clients – because it just works and it doesn’t need extra attention.

Average users versus advanced

After installing NIS you are ready to go. No need to set anything, just activate the software.
Experienced users can have much more fun with the detailed settings.

Here are few screenshots:

Opened antivirus

Opened Norton Internet Security App

Security Report

Norton Internet Security Report

Help Center

Norton Internet Security Help Center

Is there something I don’t like?

A very looong time ago Symantec Antivirus was quite slow, but it always protected my computer. That was 20 years ago. For the last seven years of using this antivirus I’ve found it really fast and effective. They also improved the documentation on how to use it. Support is always available and you can also use live chat. Anyway, the app has a built-in Help Center for all your needs, see the picture here.

So my answer is: if there was something I didn’t like, then I wouldn’t be using it, nor writing this review.

Do you have children?

Norton also has an app, Norton Family Premier, which will help your kids balance their time spent online, makes the Web safer for your kids to explore, and teaches habits that help protect kids from oversharing.

But now Norton Security Premium also includes Norton Family Premier, but I recommend staying with Norton Security Premium. You will get better value and price per device.

But here is the main question – about money:

Antivirus paid or free?

To be honest, nothing is for free. Let’s have look at a “free” antivirus A*a*t. As a minimum you will give them your personal email address. So you do a small “payment” by providing your personal data. Also you promote them in emails – you should be paid for it. This free version automatically adds their signature to all outgoing emails and also you will see lots of annoying pop-ups which are quite useless. And you have to configure it to change its behaviour. Some features, like one of the most important – a firewall, is available only in the paid version. And they are charging for some extra tools (File Cleaner or Password Storage), which in Norton are already included.

Standard features of Norton are:

  • No extra settings needed, no ads, no annoying pop-ups
  • Complete protection against viruses, trojans and spyware
  • Spam protection for email clients eg Outlook
  • It will protect your personal sensitive data
  • Improved security using online banking and other logins
  • With a powerful firewall it will protect your computer against hackers trying to connect to your computer

Extra tools included

  • Optimized disk speed and files
  • Temporary file cleaner
  • Startup manager, so you have control over what can start and run in the system background
  • System backup and restore

The fact is most free and low-end security solutions help make sure viruses don’t sneak onto your PC. Unfortunately, viruses are just one out of many dangers online. You also have to worry about identity thieves, social media scams, dangerous online transactions, and email phishing schemes.

I say yes to a subscription for 10 devices

With a subscription, Norton Internet Security for 10 devices, the price is £ 39.99 for a whole year of secure browsing and installing apps (approx £ 3.33 per month). This will cover 10 devices with Norton Security Premium. So one licence for one device is only £ 0.33 per month. The best things are: it works, you are ready to go, there is no need to configure anything, and you have extra tools included.

Also, note they offer a 60-day money-back guarantee.

You will protect your smartphone, tablet and computer; these are classified as three devices. Other licences you can use for ma, pa, bro, sis, gran, poppy, boy/girlfriend or anybody who you care about protecting their internet security and privacy.

Decision is up to you

Now it’s up to you. Will you stay with you current antivirus, or will you subscribe for easy-going and comfortable solutions by top company Norton?

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