Professional photographs are extremely important. It sounds like a cliche, but Milan Lipowski also started, as did many other photographers, in childhood with a mirror cam with classic film inside. In the last five years he has focused on stock and commercial photography.

It is very hard to say what photography genre is more arty or beautiful. Photographs of your own products, services, or of you give a visual touch. Always use the best photography results, either yours, stock photograpy or those Milan Lipowski takes for you.

Clients who bought photographs by Milan Lipowski


Genuine human skull for promotion of TV episode ‘For Love or Money’ The New Detectives: Case Studies in Forensic Science, USA link, Human skull for book cover, author Bill Bass, Poland link, Human skull for eBook cover, New York Times bestselling author M. A. Comley link, Human skull as book cover for Ogród kości, author Tess Gerritsen, Poland link, Dog Irish Terrier as ‘face’ of Eerste Bayer campaign, Netherlands link, Senior with phone as illustrative image,, Rogers Media Inc. link, Senior with calculator as illustrative images, The Globe and Mail, Canada link, School-children in Kenia as illustrative image, Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation, Australia link and many others around the world.

How to buy licence?

A Licence for use can be bought through stock agencies or directly from Milan Lipowski. Get in touch to get extra rights for use eg print rights.

This showcase

Here are some mixed examples of a few of my photographs. It will give you some overview the work of Milan Lipowski.

How much does it cost?

A Licence from stock agencies starts from 1 USD. For other than web use, it is necessary to buy an extended licence. A quote for a session of custom photography depends on the time spent and starts from 140 €, which includes postproduction. Please, get in touch to get an individual price quote for your needs.

Smartphone detail
Crocus, macro on white background
Computer, laptop on white background
Bearded dragon, an Australian lizard
Dog Irish terrier
Macro of chameleon with narrow focus
Time concept
Unknown girl on Michael Jackson Tribute in Prague
School children in Kenya
Woman on market in Croatia
Macro of wet HDD
Real human skull figured as crime scene
Magnetic read-write head in HDD
Computer processor in socket