SEO guy wanted! Make your work have a bigger impact

I’m looking for SEO co-worker. I don’t care about gender, age, skin colour, orientation, nationality or physical location and its time-zone. English at good communication level is assumed.

What matters are your skills and your clients.

We know that SEO takes time. It’s about analysing, making improvements, waiting for indexing, more improvements, doing some reports, making more improvements … I like ‘now’.

This is the deal

You offer SEO to your own clients. I have the understanding for SEO, but I don’t like administrative work. We know what has to be done for the best possible SEO.

If your clients do not have a technically good website, it affects SEO.

You will send me your request as to what has to be done and I will do them. I’m ready to manage eg. headings H1 … H5, links and their titles, adding schema for structured data, managing redirects, increasing loading speed, etc.

Simply: You will do SEO and I will do the tech stuff. Save your time.

I don’t care how much you will charge your clients. I know my affordable price for you. If you will re-invoice more, that’s fine. It’s your business and I’m here for your SEO effectivity.