Suno AI Review

Suno AI Review: Unfinished Music Service with Limited Control

I signed up for a Premiere account and after spending 10 thousand credits, I cancelled the subscription. I must say, I see great potential in AI-generated music when you can write the lyrics and receive songs with almost excellent music. I thought I would set up my own music project and release ‘my’ album. However, as of April 2024, it remains an unfinished service. Here’s what caused me headaches:

Paying to be a Tester

When I subscribed, Suno AI introduced V3 Alpha. Some of the results were truly impressive. However, when the final Version 3 became available, it felt like a step backward. Now I see a banner saying, “Thank you for your help testing and improving V3 Alpha.”

Limited Music Style Control

While it seems like I could control how the music should be generated, the ‘prompt’ field is often ignored. I’m unable to exclude certain instruments. Despite expressing my dislike for saxophone, I encountered it hundreds of times. Even after typing “exclude saxophone,” guess what I received: saxophone!

Inconsistent Genre Matching

When requesting Soul or Funk, I received Rock with heavy guitars. Pop songs sometimes turned into Country. Specifying tempo as adagio, andante, moderato, or allegro can completely change the music style. Instead of a happy song, I occasionally received funeral-like compositions.

Vocals Troubles

Despite requesting a solo, I received choir vocals, which wouldn’t be an issue if they didn’t sound distorted with lack dynamics. Additionally, when asking for ‘a cappella’ singing, only a short part was delivered like that, not the entire verse.

The melody of the vocals is crucial, yet most melodies are generic. It often takes generating 30 to 100 tracks to find a good melody standing out. Sometimes, when the music was excellent, the lyrics got messed up, or the vocals sounded like they were from an 80s audio tape.

Distortion Issues

Distortion mainly occurs in vocals, while instruments remain relatively clean. Piano and violins are better left unused, as they are often out of tune.

Occasionally, a high-frequency tone appears in some songs, which is disappointing.


There is no indication from developers regarding what they are actually fixing.

For me, the best option was to cancel the subscription. I take a break for a month, and then reconsider. Meanwhile, my music project remains on hold.