Better visual experience for your audience

Promotional video spots can better reflect your business with a dynamic visual showcase with SFX sounds, music, and/or speech. Everything can be mixed into the theme of your branding, products or services. You can have a cost-effective video from stock sources, or from a custom video and sound recordings. You will get more attention.

While taking content from stock resources is the fastest way, feel free to ask MILAN.MEDIA for video shooting, audio recording (sounds, speech, interviews), photography sessions, and making the final post production.

What type of video spot is right for me?

There are a few categories of videos: logo reveal, product/service promo or company introduction, instructional videos. All of them are in Full HD resolution. And any video can be provided in many file types, eg mp4, avi, mkv, div with different types of codecs.

A video spot can be text only, text plus images, text plus other (imported) videos also from stock agencies, and it can all be well done and packaged together. Video is suitable for social networks sharing, business presentations, specific services, products, in-public screening at company parties, promos, seminars, etc.