Small website

If you don’t plan more than one update per month, you can have a ‘Small website’. You will get up to 10 static pages with dynamic elements, eg image slider, AJAX contact form, video or music player and more.

Your new website will have an engaging and interesting design which will fit your image and informational and promotional needs for your services or products. With this website there are never-ending possibilities to make unusual or very specific designs for a small price.


Your CMS website is based on WordPress. While this system is provided free, initial installation and setting up the database, as well as additional coding and designing, is time consuming, so fees are appropriate.

wordpress website

You will get a fast and optimized theme design and a stable system – a website which you can administer by yourself. Create as many pages as you want, create photogalleries, blogs, manage layout, etc. With a little tuning, your website will be fast, safe and secure.

reDesign existing web site

Do you already have a website? Are you perhaps not happy with the layout, design or functionalities? The good thing is – the content is already there. Making a new website will be easy for you.

Small website

Your reDesign will first improve the primary things – your style and your image. It will make your pages more user friendly and up-to-date to suit the latest versions of internet browsers, better SEO, modern dynamic elements – and get a 20% discount off the standard price.


Professional photographs are extremely important. It is better to see instead of writing long and boring descriptions. Just show the things. There are something like two categories:

Stock photography

First. Photographs of your own products, services or photographs of you. Always use the best photographs, either yours or those Milan Lipowski takes for you.

Second. Illustration images from photo-stock agencies providing high quality images which perfectly suit your needs and the agreed design criteria.

Video spots

Have you ever thought about your own video spot? It is a great way to improve your visual promotion and give the ‘wow’ effect. In a short time you can grab the viewer’s interest.

video spots

A video spot can be text only, text plus images, text plus other (imported) videos also from stock agencies, and it can all be well done and packaged together.

Video is suitable for social network sharing, business presentations, specific services, products, in-public screening at company parties, promos, seminars, etc.

Newsletter system

Would you like to keep your clients updated with news of your services and products, updates, specials, etc.? You can do it through a Newsletter system. Send e-mails to up to 10,000 clients.


And what is the difference between this mailing system and others?

At the very least a great once-only fee and you have your own online system. Send as many emails as you need, have as many subscribers as you want, have only your logo in the system and enjoy no limits and clear statistical data in your administration dashboard.