What SSD RAID 0 stripe size? Resolved.

I am sure everybody wants have a superfast computer. The majority of computer motherboards are supporting RAID.

RAID stands for Redundant Array of Independent Disks. One of the known modes is the RAID 0.

You will need two identical hard drive disks, the same brand, the same model, the same size. Your data will be stripped onto this two HDD. You will see this drives merged into one.

RAID0 means that any file (requested by operating system or you) will be written in 50% on first HDD and 50% on second HDD. Files are stored in blocks, you have to decide how big the blocks will be, so yes – we have to set stripe size.

Classic HDD strip size

If you are using classic hard drive disk, use 32kb stripping size for computer used for general purposes, lots of images, mp3 files, etc.
If you are using computer with big files, for example video editing, set the stripe size to 128kb.

Fast SSD strip size.

The right SSD strip size has to be much smaller on SSD drives because of its technology, even you work with big files. The best speed results are when strip size is 16kb or 8kb.