Pink Noise Download

Download Pink Noise as hi-res audio tracks in superior quality

You know, an acoustic sound is constantly around us. Sometimes pleasant, for example wind in trees and singing birds. Sadly we are facing often to unpleasant noises like car traffic, or talking people. You might find the pink noise weird, so…

What is Pink Noise?

Basically it is a sound, noisy sound, with all frequencies we can hear. If you play the pink noise, it will dramatically reduce, or wipe out all other noises. This is the main potential of pink noise.

Get better sleep!

Some psychologists recommend pink noise to people who have difficulties getting better sleep. It is obvious, because this specific noise is very similar to waterfall or heavy rain. There is also 9 hours Pink Noise file.

Warm-up your speakers

Have you bought new speakers for your audio system? Are they high quality? You can improve the sound by warming-up your brand new speakers. The result will be better sound in lower and low frequencies, speaker surround and suspension around the membrane will be more flexible after 12-24 hrs of warming them up.

Where to download pink noise?

If you are looking for hi-res audio tracks, you can download pink noise here. High quality audio files are in most common formats: FLAC, ALAC and AIFF.