You have to get new webhosting from February 2023

Moving Web Hosting

Are you my client? I recommend getting your new hosting services already now. Anyway, the main question is ‘Why?’
Let’s sort out all questions one by one and let’s keep it super simple.

Web hosting change overview

Next year I won’t be providing ‘my web hosting’ to my clients. You will no longer receive an invoice from me with subject ‘Web Hosting Service’. You need ‘your own’ hosting provided by a big international company, provided ideally by SiteGround.

This change is an improvement for your business.


  • What is web hosting?
  • Why you need new web hosting?
  • How much will new web hosting cost?
  • What do I have to do?

What is web hosting?

It is a place where are stored web site files, media, database, and your email service is also a part of web hosting.

Why you need new web hosting?

Right now, ‘my hosting’ is located in Czech Republic. I supported your website with CDN as ‘location compensation’ so SEO score was not reduced. The fact is, it’s better for SEO when hosting is closer to your webs site’s audience.

I’m sure you noticed the current situation in Ukraine. I just feel it’s not that bad an idea to have a web hosting located further away…

Why hosting by SiteGround? Location.

Web hosting by SiteGround is an ideal option, because it is physically closer to your audience.

If you are in Europe, hosting is located in UK, the Netherlands, Germany, and Spain. If you are in Australia, hosting is located in Sydney. If you are in USA, there are 4 locations. As I mentioned, it’s better for SEO.

Support by SiteGround

You won’t depend on me. Their support is available 24/7, they are fast, efficient and polite. You rarely will need them.

Web site loading speed

What I don’t like with other hosting companies is for example the following situation: I ordered hosting with GoDaddy. The website was fast. After 3-4 months the website slowed. I had this issue also with others: iPage, HostGator, Crazy Domains, … I just don’t understand why it’s not possible for them to keep a website running in fast condition all the time…

Now I have some clients who are using SiteGround for several years. I was impressed with the speed after years of using their hosting service, so I decided to move my website there.

How much will new web hosting cost?

Pricing is written here:

The best option is to order GrowBig plan. It’s not cheap (cheap hosting will get slow after a few months) and it’s not that expensive, I guess. Outstanding services cannot be cheap. If you have a tight budget, go with StartUp plan.

How much will migration cost?

How much will it cost transferring the website and all emails from current hosting to the new one?

You paid for ‘my hosting’ until Feb/Mar/Apr 2023. So instead of refunding a few $ I will transfer website and emails free of charge. Well, changing the hosting might be frustrating for you, so this is my compensation to you.

What I have to do?

Only 2 things.

Order a new web hosting: and then send me, please,

  1. a username and password to your new hosting account and
  2. a username and password to your domain name management.

When migration is finished, set up your email account in your computer and mobile phone with the new details.

Then you will be good with web hosting for next at least the next 10 years!

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