Artificial intelligence is just a composer, not intelligence itself

Today’s Artificial Intelligence is just a generator, not intelligence itself

First of all: It’s a generator breaking intellectual properties

I had some fun with AI. After my first ‘wow’ I discovered AI is something more ground level.

Can AI produce something really new?

AI cannot generate truly new ideas on its own.

Not yet. AI is these days at the beginning of development and it’s scraping and mixing any kind of content available on the internet, content made or created by real people. AI has no consciousness, at all.

Is AI easy to use?

Your new role is to be an Operator writing commands. You will write down many commands and spend lots of time to get the right results (eg photography, illustration, or especially software).

In the command must be written almost everything for the right result: who, what, where, how, when, what if, what when, where, if where or if what should happen how and when …

Yes, I tried commanding. Most of the results didn’t appear as 100% satisfactory.

It really doesn’t work effectively all time: Command; make for me a WordPress template. Copy design from website A and B, mix it together, keep buttons’ design and size from website B, use buttons’ functions from website A, keep header from website B, but content layout should be from website A, make the featured image smaller and move the cart button to right. Make it in PHP 8.1 with data stored in database MySQL 16.0.

It’s necessary to know and describe the desired design, functions and processes. We know that templates are combinations of design (UI) and user experience (UX). More and more specific commands have to be written, and more and more time has to be spent.

AI is somewhat more effective, somewhat less. Instead of writing requests it is more effective to customise the existing template with built-in and well-tested features.

An understated, short, incomplete, or imprecise command leads to an unsatisfactory result.

It really works in a simple way, if you want something simple. Ideally you want some image, some code snippet (which is already on the internet), some article for your blog. Generated professional articles, theses are having also good results (from stolen content).

Nice and neat are common replies, content available on the Internet.

AI is a ‘script’ scraping and mixing content together


Typical sample is generating images. In simple words ‘some computer’ collected images across the internet. When you ask ‘Generate image of dog in space’, some ‘computer’ will take a picture of a dog from eg a stock agency, space suit photo from the NASA website, a space image can be taken from a Stars Wars movie website and it will all be mixed together and new image will be generated. I agree the results are often impressive, advanced, sophisticated. Intellectual properties were omitted.


Is something different with AI chat like ChatGPT? Not really. When you will ask a relevant question, you will get a relevant answer which already exists somewhere (eg Quora, StackOverflow, etc.)
Will we ever need Wikipedia again? It is used for AI training, then can we forget about it?

If you will ask a question where no facts exist, you will get generated some answer from AI looking realistic, without any guarantee the article is true (keeping this article less negative I won’t suggest that you will get a lie). Written articles by AI (text generator) are not originals either although they might look excellent and sophisticated.


On the internet you will also find music generated (in the right words: scraped and mixed) by AI. Musicians are not happy that their music is used somewhere else and they are stripped of all credits.


Well-known is Copilot which also grabbed codes written by people who spend hours, days, or years with programming some software. No one asked programmers for permission to use their codes and the programmers will end up without any reward for their hard work.

I guess the word GENUINE will in future have much higher importance than it does now.

Media and marketing are overestimating AI

Companies behind AI have to make a profit, ideally a huge profit. Their marketing is strong, impressive and powerful. They say “We do AI” instead of “We do a content generator”. We, the people, are the kind of beings who easily believe almost anything that is served through communication channels repeatedly.

Media needs hot articles and articles have more and more ads which are financially profitable. Definitely overestimating AI is not bad for business. The other side is how moral it is and what really AI is these days.

Another downside is misleading. AI here and AI there, no matter whether it is just some ordinary machine with a screen, speaker and microphone (eg ATM).

Misuse of private and corporate data

The majority of people don’t care about misuse of private data. Did we read the terms and conditions on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or any other networks, search engines and any other platforms? No. But we agree with them. The responsibility behind our ‘I agree’ is thrown away. Corporates are partially restricting AI for their sensitive data.

Questionable data validity and responsibility

AI has many unanswered questions. One of them is also how valid AI is. We are facing an ironic world. What is the truth becomes fake and what is fake becomes later as the truth.

I guess we should also be quite OK with violating intellectual properties (which is not right) especially of creative content, because the violator is not you, it’s some generator somewhere. Hmm.

Responsibility for the AI outputs is not clear yet. We are facing a lack of law and regulations. It is important how AI is used, how input and output data are managed and protected and who will be responsible for any kind of damage, like death or permanent injury caused by surgery handled by AI. Who will be responsible: the surgeon, or AI developer, or AI provider, or the entire hospital?

We have to wait for better AI

I got really excited about AI. Hmm, I was expecting more than a mixing composer, a content generator.

We cannot perceive AI subliminally with a face like in sci-fi movies and as it’s presented everywhere as well as on the featured image of this article (it’s looking good but it’s not the truth).

Let’s not get over excited at least up to 2025 and keep a healthy distance primarily using our brains.