Happy New Year

Get Website Updates for 2021

This little offer appeared in my first newsletter in January 2021.
Yes, your Website should be ready for 2021 with upgrades and updates for €35 only. This price is valid only for websites created by me.

And here is what will be done, if you will say YES:

  • complete backup (backup is always a must have ‘item’)
  • upgrade to latest possible php version on your server (latest means safer & faster)
  • upgrade to latest WordPress version (actually it is 5.6)
  • Enfold version upgrade (it is the visual ‘engine’)
  • all plugins will be updated (if updates are available)

Did you upload some new images into your web presentation or blog? These images will be compressed for faster browser loading.

So basically it is quite important maintenance which should be done at least twice per year.

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