Hostinger Review

Hostinger, another good hosting company on the market

I have recommended only the hosting companies I have tried. Now I’m happy to provide information about Hostinger webhosting company. Yes, as at September 2023, my favourite company is still SiteGround, and Hostinger is the second one.

So how did I discover this company? Why do I like its services? And what is the balance between pricing and the value? I promise not to use tech language.

The Hostinger fees

Let’s start with money. I understand the price is more important than the service quality for some people. While SiteGround is quite pricey, Hostinger costs after the first year $6.99/m (£5.99/mo) Premium Plan, $8.99/mo (£8.99/mo) Business Plan.

How did I discover Hostinger?

I have another UK client who is already using Hostinger webhosting. Before I developed its new website, completely redesigned and optimised, I needed access to their existing hosting services.

The hosting administration is a little bit ‘busy’ looking, but any settings I required are easily available.

The speed of websites

I like it! Yes, the balance between price and speed is very optimal. Website loading time is very short. Caching static assets works well. Business plan includes also Content Delivery Network for improving the already fast loading time.

Where do order the Hostinger?

Visit their website here. I know you might like to save some money, but instead of Premium, get the Business Plan, especially when you want manage more than one website, your website is ‘international’, and you are running WordPress website.

Last words

When I do websites for my clients, I want the process to be as easy and smooth as possible. This is why I recommend some services which are comfortable also for me in a technical way too.