Set up your mailbox

How to set up your mailbox easily in few steps

If you to need set up a new mailbox, and you are one my clients using my VPS (Virtual Private Server), then this simple guideline is for you.

What is supported

Your mailbox is supporting all standard features. You can use POP3, IMAP, SMTP, encrypted connection, or unencrypted.

Protocols and ports

When you will be adding your mailbox to your email client (application) eg Outlook or mobile device, you will need to know the following settings; and don’t forget to choose in ‘Advanced settings’ that SMTP (outgoing server) requires login the same as POP3/IMAP.

Encrypted connection

Connection Address Port
IMAP 993
POP3 995
SMTP 465

If you will set the encrypted connection, please confirm “Accept all certificates”.

Know issues

None. The mailbox is perfectly working (of course). Some clients had to just ‘play’ with setting it up eg in mobile phone. Each system platform (iOS, Windows, Linux) has almost the same requests, but they are using just slightly different words.

Webmail Access

You can access your mailbox also over webmail. Many languages are supported.

Follow this link:

What is ‘svethostingu’?

Perhaps you are wondering what ‘svethostingu’ means in Czech. It means ‘hosting world’. Actually it is one of the best companies in Czech Republic offering great balance power/price for shared hosting, virtual private server, and dedicated server.