Ordering new web site: What you will get?

Even though all information is on this website, we know that people are busy and they are not reading websites. They are mainly browsing them and looking quickly for information. So you are (perhaps) my new client. What you will get when you will order a new website?

  • New representative design, easy for navigation
  • Your website will be fast
  • Contact forms, booking systems, payment gates, whatever…
  • CDN for worldwide business
  • Standard SEO optimisation
  • SSL certificate, safe and secure
  • How much it costs
  • Invoicing and payment
  • Ongoing support fees
  • Service delivery
  • Consulting services
  • What else I can get?

New representative design, easy for navigation

We know that the page is selling the product, so visual impact is huge and everybody prefers a nice website. You will get it.
Feel free to write down your favourite colours, fonts, images, website examples for inspiration.

Your website will be fast

Nobody wants to wait for anything. Your website will have speed rating ‘AA’ and using the latest scripts, codes and server’s PHP version.

Contact forms, booking systems, payment gates, shop, whatever…

If your web site needs interaction with visitors over contact forms, booking an apartment or selling products, a solution is always available. Feel free to ask about the best options for your needs.

CDN for worldwide business

If you are doing business and your visitors are from everywhere I can set the CDN service for you and your website can be ‘mirrored’ on all world continents, read more about CDN here. Your website will be fast no matter if you are in Paris, New York or Tokyo.

Standard SEO optimisation

Your new website will have standard SEO optimisation with the correct structure of headings (tags H1, H2, H3). It will be easy to change its content.

SSL certificate, safe and secure

Part of good SEO optimisation is also a SSL certificate valid for 3 years. It will show your website in a professional way, because the SSL certificate is making your website safe and secure. Personal data, like name or address sent over contact form or booking form, are encrypted.

How much does it cost?

The prices for a web site are from 500 EUR (economy), 700 EUR (standard) and 1100+ (motivated). The price is always individual and the reflecting client’s needs, ideas and business. Higher price is always motivating for everybody. I am sure we will find the right balance.

Invoicing and Payment

Invoice is provided in English, German and French language. Supported currencies are USD, AUD, CAD, GBP, EUR, and CHF. Payments can be done by credit/debit card over secured PayPal payment gate or direct bank transfer.

Ongoing support fees

Standard fee is 35 EUR per hour, and yes, I am also providing discounts. It depends on what you need, some updates are for free. It is again individual and you will be informed. You will never get a bad surprise from my invoice, be sure!

Service delivery

The web site, and also other services (video, images, codes, scans, etc) are provided electronically, and the web site is fully functional under client’s domain name. The client will get list of all information including usernames and passwords.

Consulting services

Do you need help with setting up your shared web hosting or virtual private server? Do you need to change web hosting? Do you need to migrate the whole website? Just ask. I am here for you and glad to answer your questions.

What else I can get?

Fixing computers professionally (hardware and software), photography, video post-production. Simply: things around the internet and computers – things important for making, visiting and maintaining web sites.