Your website with SSL certificate. Be professional!

What is it?

I will keep it simple: the certificate is a verification for the website It means is really you and connection between your website and visitors is encrypted and safe. It is a duty to have a SSL certificate installed for shops, and also for websites, which are handling any visitor’s private data, like name, surname, email, birthday, etc.

How I will notice a secure connection with SSL?

Look at you browser’s address bar now. You will see small lock icon. Yes, this website has SSL certificate installed, connection between you and this website is encrypted and secured.
Do not use credit card, nor provide any private data on websites, which are not protected, with no SSL.

Can I see the certificate?

Yep. Just click on the Lock icon and then on Show certificate or Details. You can see additional information, also ‘Show certificate’ should appear. You should also see the certification authority. It is the company which released the certificate and for whom. The certificate can be provided just for the purpose of verifying the domain name, and address of web site only, but also to verify a person or company.

How much does it cost?

Out here is SSL for free by Let’s Encrypt. I don’t like it for business. I prefer paid certificates. The fee is something like 5-15 USD per year. More expensive certificates which includes paper work also have insurance covering. My clients will always get the best recommendation for their needs.

Tricky prices!

Some companies are charging really a lot of money, even for standard certificates.
Example: is selling a basic certificate for max 20 USD/3years, but Zoner is charging more than double.

Tip: buy an SSL certificate which includes paperwork.

Where to buy have good prices. I have also had good shopping experiences with them, such that I didn’t need to look anywhere else.