A really good web hosting

A really good web hosting for people around the world

A quick answer for people who need it right now: SiteGround.com
Just to be clear: this article is not meant as a promotion. My future clients need some hosting, so instead of writing an email every time they need information I can just send a link to this article.

A few notes at the beginning

I’ve tried many hosting companies, I’ve tested them and I’ve seen what features are missing and what features are present.

Please note that (almost all) hosting companies are offering a very good price for the first year only. Always check the regular price, which is always written with small size fonts. It’s an ordinary practice.

You might see ads for a WordPress plan in almost all hosting companies. The fact is you don’t need anything special…

SiteGround.com has actually 3 hosting plans: StartUp, GrowBig and GoGeek

StartUp plan for a presentation website

StartUp plan is a reasonably priced hosting for 1 presentation website. A free SSL certificate is included. Yes, SSL certificate is a must have “thing”. This plan is also good for blog or small e-shop. It has everything that you need.

GrowBig plan for 2 or more web sites

Some of my clients need to run more than 1 web site. If this is your case, then you should go with GrowBig plan. It’s comfortable to manage all sites at one place.

GoGeek plan when you want to spend more money

If you want to run a heavily content-driven website with lots of images and videos, or run a large e-shop, GoGeek plan is for you.

An important thing! Location!

When you click here on the button GET PLAN, you will have an option to register a new domain name, or use an existing one. After you click on button PROCEED you will enter the usual details and, below Payment information, please note Purchase Information. There is a Data Center (a physical server location).

Choose the Data Center location where most of your audience is.

You can’t find your location? No problem, select London, Sydney or Iowa /basically it doesn’t matter so much/, finish the order and then I can set up CDN for you.

A different hosting company?

There are many hosting companies out there and I’ve tried them, as mentioned. It is not pleasant to go with GoDADDY (as example) offering an expensive SSL certificate, while you can get it for free with Siteground. Another example is Namecheap, hosting a new website which is nice and fast for the first six months, then it slows.

I like things easy-going, not complicated and not requiring more time than is necessary. SiteGround.com as hosting company just works well.