What computer should I buy?

Many time people ask me for help with their slow computer. And many times it’s too late for help when you have slow hardware. When you go to shop to buy a new computer, you don’t need to be an expert, just check a few basic things. Then the decision between hundreds of options will be simple for you. And this article is dedicated to average users, not gamers: I won’t be talking about overclocking nor water cooling.

Desktop or laptop

This is simple: do you plan carry it? Will you want faster hardware in it in the future?
Computer (desktop version) can be easily upgraded with almost everything; in a laptop just memory and hard drive disk can be upgraded.

Processor known as CPU

Choose device with Intel processors i5 and higher (i7, i9) and forget about cheaper two cores processors nowadays.

Graphic Card known as GPU

This is important mainly for gamers, because computer games need a strong and powerful GPU. If you are not a gamer, an integrated graphic card as part of CPU (processor) is powerful enough for most of works, including 4K movies.

Memory RAM

The minimum everywhere is nowadays 4 GB. Look for computer with RAM 8 GB – this is the new standard. Ideal is 16 GB.

Hard Drive Disk

Quite often this part makes the computer slow. If you want your computer to be really fast, I mean really quickly opening everything, choose your computer with SSD disk.

If you have a limited budget, buy SSD disk separately. The system can be cloned (identical copy) from standard disk to SSD and SSD disk can be inserted to your new computer. I can tell you, once you will try SSD disk, you will never go back!

There are not many technical details to remember, just:
processor i5+, memory 8GB+, SSD hard drive disk. And you can’t go wrong.

One extra recommendation: always prefer hardware specifications before design. I am sure you don’t want end up with nice but sloooooooow computer.