WordPress feature, Enable auto-updates

WordPress feature: Enable auto-updates, yes or no?

Your WordPress website should be regularly updated. It means you should log in every month and check for the availability of updates.

Comfortable feature

Website owners are usually busy with their own businesses or have something else to do rather than looking after website maintenance. The option is to have someone who will do it. If not, enabling the plugins’ auto-updates feature sounds like a good option. So yes, feel free to tick the option ‘Enable auto-updates’.

It’s a ‘little’ risk

The downside of the comfort is that an updated plugin might break the layout of your website.

Sometimes the new update is not well tested on different server configurations, so an error message or broken layout/design might appear. There can be no one who will tell you ‘Do you know your website is broken?’

My conclusion

I don’t use ‘Enable auto-update’. I prefer to apply updates manually within 2-3 weeks from the release date.

During this period other users (or website developers) might report some new issues in the new update, so an update of update (or another new plugin’s version) is released again and then everything is working well.