JS compression

Compress JS files is a very smart tool as to how to reduce file size

Part of the website is almost always externally loaded JS files. Loading more files makes your website slower. On the other hand, everything has some solution.

So yes, if you want to speed up your website, one of the necessary things is to compress everything that is possible.

Java Script file compression can reduce a size of up to a lovely 80% of their original size. The key to good compression is reliability.

Online JS tool works well

Online JS file compression on https://www.compressjsfile.com/ is super-fast, reliable and a free service for your java script files.

It doesn’t matter how big your file is, in practice you will get around a 50% compression ratio with well written codes.

About CompressJSfile.com

The website is made in an old school way. Just a little bit of HTML, PHP, JS. This is why it’s so fast. Larger files are loaded from CDN.

It has a clean minimal layout without loading extra content like ads.

It just works

You have 2 options on how to compress your JS files. First one is to copy and paste the code into the text field. Second option is to upload the JS file from your computer.

Tab ‘Compressed Output’ is the place where a compressed JS file will appear. You can simply copy it, or you can download the JS file directly.

If your script has some syntax error, or some different kind of error, you will get a short message also with the code line number. It is very handy because you won’t use something that can cause issues.

It is a non-commercial project, so a small support is appreciated.