Life without TV

Life without TV. Do you wonder how it is?

It was 15 years ago when I decided to move from one country to another. It sounds very exciting and it was. A lot of travelling was not involved, because the distance is only 330 km (205 miles).

Do I need TV or do I want it?

I had to load a car with my things and I just don’t like too many things. So the most important question has been “Do I NEED or do I WANT that big ugly TV device?”

It is quite a useful question in life. It will help you to have a cleaner life without the material burden.

TV is not what I need

Yep, that’s the answer! If you have a computer with full HD screen and with Internet connection, this is the end of owning a TV (in my case).

News and movies are online. You can watch streaming media, download music and movies, and check the news anytime you want.

The television business model is not good, at all. You pay for TV channels and you have to watch ads! No way would I pay for that! It should be like this:

–          You don’t pay for TV channels to your provider, then you see the ads.

–          You pay your provider, no ads visible!

Don’t replace TV with computer!

I did not replace TV with computer. The fact is I spend productive time on my computer doing productive work. The computer might make you feel better if you think you might get a strong craving for a TV.

Everything is too commercial

Basically this is the main reason why I don’t have TV and another reason is that the News is over-dramatic and manipulative, as I mentioned in my super long article. Anyway, it’s not my job to do research on what’s true and what’s fake.

Movies are too often cut with ads and the overall experience with movies made over the last 10 years are not what I was expecting.

Spending life in front of a TV is definitely not what I want. It is very pleasant not to have TV.

Without TV, life is richer!

Watching TV is not healthy

On the Internet (of course) there are some studies that watching TV is lowering kids IQ (intelligence quotient). Also kids are catching bad language and behaviour from TV. Kids are negatively affected by violent scenes. TV is like a social network, isn’t it?

Adult people watching TV longer than 3 hrs have lower physical activity, getting fatter, some of them super fat and closer to diabetes. Watch TV and eat big pizza, you forget you already had pizza and you have to order another one.

People watching TV also have a higher chance to get Alzheimer’s disease. It looks to be true. You know, the brain is passively absorbing the visible content, so you are not using your brain for thinking.

TV can cause addiction. Some people might have a nervous breakdown if the TV gets suddenly broken, I’m serious.

You are living in this world for a short time. Do you really want your valuable time spent in front of TV?

Your wallet doesn’t like TV either. You pay a subscription here, and there.

So if you would like to try life without a TV I can recommend it!