Why is a LIMITED SERVICES pop-up on my website?

If we have got to this stage, it is a very unpleasant situation. Sometimes we need more time for everything. And sometimes we need more time for invoice payment. If you didn’t pay an invoice after a reminder, you can see a pop-up window with the following content:

This website might have limited services. For further information please contact the website owner.


Provided the invoice has to be paid within 7 days: if you provide a true confirmation that the invoice has been paid, the pop-up window will be removed and you will get back full access to your website without any disruptions.

Website disconnection or deletion

If the invoice isn’t paid within 7 days: the website will be disconnected (if possible) or deleted. Keep in mind any recovery will be charged at a 90 EUR fee which has to be paid within 7 days.

This is the better situation

Yes, this treatment is fair. In other companies the site is disconnected without additional warnings.

Always read the Terms and Conditions

I assume by ordering any service or project you agreed with these Terms and Conditions. For more details you can read the Terms and Conditions again here.