SEO Friendly Tag Cloud Widget

Introducing the SEO Friendly Tag Cloud Plugin for WordPress

In the world of WordPress, plugins play a crucial role in enhancing the functionality of websites. Today, I’m excited to introduce a new plugin that I’ve developed: the SEO Friendly Tag Cloud. It’s is remarkably lightweight, just 2.9KB.

This plugin creates a new widget named “SEO Friendly Tag Cloud”. You can add this widget to your sidebar from the WordPress admin dashboard.

The widget displays a tag cloud in an SEO-friendly manner, with each tag link including the title, rel, aria-label, and itemprop attributes. The tag links are also styled according to the inline CSS.

Here are five key improvements that this plugin brings to your WordPress site:

  1. Improved Accessibility: The plugin uses the aria-label attribute to improve the accessibility of your website. This attribute provides a description of the link’s content for screen readers, making your site more accessible to users with visual impairments. This not only enhances user experience but can also be a positive signal to search engines.
  2. Keyword Relevance: By using tags, you’re helping search engines understand the content of your pages. This could potentially improve your rankings for those keywords. The plugin ensures that each tag link includes the title attribute, further emphasizing the relevance of your tags.
  3. Internal Linking: Tags create additional internal links that can help search engines discover new content and understand the structure of your website. My plugin ensures that each tag link includes the rel attribute with the value “index, follow”, instructing search engines to follow the links and index the linked pages.
  4. User Engagement: A well-organized tag system can enhance user engagement by making it easier for visitors to find the content they’re interested in. This can lead to increased time on site, lower bounce rates, and more page views, all of which can positively impact SEO.
  5. Microdata: The use of microdata can help search engines better understand your content and enhance the display of your pages in SERPs (search engine results pages). My plugin ensures that each tag link includes the itemprop attribute with the value “keywords”, aligning with the specifications for a CreativeWork.

In conclusion, the SEO Friendly Tag Cloud plugin is a powerful tool for enhancing the SEO of your WordPress site. By improving accessibility, emphasizing keyword relevance, enhancing internal linking, boosting user engagement, and leveraging microdata, this plugin can help your site perform better in search engine rankings.

Available exclusively only for Milan’s clients.

Plugin update v2.1 on March 4th, 2024:

  • Compatibility extended up to PHP 8.3
  • Inputs properly sanitized and validated

Plugin update v2.2 on March 9th, 2024:

  • Access to the ‘SEO-Friendly Tag Cloud Settings’ page in the WordPress Dashboard under ‘Tools’
  • Added option to adjust the number of tags displayed in the widget
  • Added option to insert custom CSS or reset it to default CSS
  • Added option to open tag links in a new window
  • Added option to exclude specific tags
  • Inputs properly sanitized and validated
  • Translation ready
  • Cache support
  • Added error logging functionality: Errors are now logged to a widgetlog.txt file in the plugin’s directory
  • Improved error handling: Added try-catch blocks around code that could potentially throw exceptions
  • Added function to set and activate default values after plugin activation only if these options do not already exist in the database
  • Build-in function to enable tags for also pages. The function will check if the ‘Pages’ post type already supports the ‘post_tag’ taxonomy before trying to add this support, preventing any errors that might occur if this support is already present
  • Added function to catch error messages to txt file